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Welcome to a fitness sanctuary where health meets luxury

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Step into our well-equipped gym featuring state-of-the-art cardio and strength-training equipment. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a casual exerciser, our gym provides a comprehensive range of tools to tailor your workout routine.

  • Versatile Exercise Spaces: Discover dedicated areas for cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. Our gym is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various fitness activities, ensuring a well-rounded and invigorating workout experience.

  • Flexible Workout Hours: Embrace the flexibility to work out at your convenience. Our PRIVATE gym is open throughout the day, allowing you to tailor your exercise routine to your schedule, whether you prefer an energizing morning session or a calming evening workout.

  • Revitalize and Rejuvenate: After your workout, refresh yourself in our dedicated wellness area. Whether it's a post-exercise stretch or a moment of quiet reflection, our gym space is designed to inspire holistic well-being.

  • Seamless Wellness Integration: At Anastasia Princess, we believe in the seamless integration of wellness into your stay. Our gym is not just a facility; it's a haven where fitness and luxury converge to enhance your overall experience on the enchanting island of Santorini.

  • Your Wellness Oasis Awaits: Embark on a journey of health and vitality in our gym at Anastasia Princess Luxury Residence & Suites. Elevate your well-being and enjoy the perfect balance of fitness and relaxation against the stunning backdrop of Santorini.

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